My Entries

iPhone 5 Revelation

After getting my first iPhone, I fell in love instantly and spent hours and days playing around and exploring the features and apps now available to me. That was not a option previously, with my old phone.

On day three, I realized that- I had spent approximately 48+ hours of my life- that I wasn’t getting back on things that didn’t add value to my life. Needless to say, I started to look into ways that would allow me to grow, at my spare time. By using technology to my advantage.

Luckily I found many apps and podcasts that can keep me on track and on my feet- in terms of productivity, personal and professional growth.

Such as, podcasts on leadership, management, public speaking and strategic thinking. All of which are essential to our daily lives. Including the WordPress app that I am using to blog now, instead of playing FarmVille on Facebook or posting on Pinterest.

This maybe a silly topic to many. However, in my opinion, is a good example of how we unintentionally become our own barriers to growth and productivity. This is often true when we don’t reflect and think of the consequences and impact of our actions (big or small).



Thouhghts & Observations

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see”. -HD Thoreau

I came across the above quote twice this week. The first time I read it, I am not sure that I comprehended it? Perhaps I overlooked its depth? Whatever the case may have been at the time, I am certainly glad I ran across it again. This time, I made an effort to ‘analyze and ponder over it’ as this is what I do for a living (analyze).

There is so much truth and beauty to the above quote- that I felt compelled to write about it. In essence, it (the quote) spoke to me because it parallels with my beliefs and way of life/thinking.

Such as:

I believe what sets an ordinary person apart from an extraordinary person, IS the ability to SEE what the ordinary person does not see (usually an opportunity of some sort). Therefore the above quote is on point in my opinion.

Both people maybe going through the same experience or journey, but the extraordinary person will almost always, find some profound lesson or association in the experience that will set them a part. Whereas the ordinary person will simply move on.

This is often true in case of failures, especially, when failure or hardships often occur back to back. The extraordinary person- most often sees the broader picture and is confident that this is just an obstacle that needs to be overcome. Whereas most ordinary people will often be compelled to sort of give up and find an excuse for their mishap, not push their luck/ limit and just deal with the situation at hand.

This is because taking risks (again) is out of their comfort zone and they rather not take the risk and fail again. Whereas, most extraordinary/success people are known to be risk takers.

This may not always be the case, but based on career experience, I am applying the 80/20 rule and that seems to jive for now.

With that note, I will part w/ my thoughts on the above quote and wish you fellow readers a great weekend!

Amina Baha
Love, life and chances

Life is a chance- take it
Pain is inventible- embrace it
Surviving is adapting- master it
Growth is optional- make it mandatory

Chance; blooming rose gardens in the desert, don’t always present themselves. Heed the opportunity, indulge in its beauty and love.

Pain; knowing the beauty, life and love of roses may be short lived, but embrace it anyways. Scars of love are testaments of a tender heart, kind soul and inquiring mind.

Adapting; the risk of loving something short-lived, will shatter dreams. Break a heart – that took years to mend. Make the soul, cry. Yet still, help you understand and adapt to the very nature of mankind, beginning w/ Adam & Eve.

Growth: the chance to love whole heartily, trust blindly, embrace every emotion freely- allows for the human experience, feelings, thoughts and possibilities never imagined- to manifest. That in itself is what life & growth is about.

By: Amina Baha


3 thoughts on “My Entries

  1. My assumption would be, that english is not your first language? So, I would point out, that the title for this section “Enteries” Should be spelt Entries. To enter, is correct. However a written submission is an Entry. Plural Entries. ….. Cheers.

    1. AminaBaha

      Thank you for the correction. You are correct, English isn’t my first or second language. I often fall victim to typos and misspellings because I am too quick to click ‘post’ and don’t proof-read. I promise not to let that happen 🙂

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