About the birth of this blog


Thank you for stopping by. I love reading and writing (when I can find the time) and sharing topics that fascinate me, keep me moving forward and wanting to achieve more. You will find a wide variety of posts (original, re-posts & links) that make up- what I call “the ingredients of a content life”.

My passion lies in the below topics:

  1. Life
  2. Its purpose
  3. What it means to live a “successful” life
  4. What a successful life consists of
  5. The forces (influences, people, events that shape us and our experiences)

Life’ is grand and an ever changing domain that never has a dull moment. Each one of us has a story to tell. Those enlightening moments are what I intent to capture and share on  my blog.

The fuel that keeps me going, is the unfortunate statistic I fall under- but refuse to be a part of. Statistically, I shouldn’t be here doing this (blog, living life to the fullest on my terms).  As an Afghan Muslim woman, that is a 1st generation immigrant, witnessed a war, and as a byproduct of the public school system and housing project- I should be voiceless and your stereotypical oppressed woman. Instead, I am here, so you can hear me roar and  shatter all those stereotypes.

I am; self-made, educated, leading a content life (or at least in search of), have an opinion, am independent, successful and an example to some youth in distress, that also share the same statistic as myself.

Getting here was not a not easy journey. It required great determination, discipline and a constant reminder of the purpose of my parent’s migration. ‘Leading a better life in the land of opportunities’ (America) and I am not going to let that go to waste.

Please remember, just like everything else in life, this blog is also a work in progress. HAPPY READING!




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