I am a: Mother, Wife, Daughter, Afghan, American, Multilingual, Rebel, Techie, Philosopher, History lover, Spiritual Seeker & Wanderer

Shattering Stereotypes

I love reading and writing (when I can find the time) sharing topics that fascinate and resonate with me. I like to keep moving forward in search of becoming the best version of myself. You will find a wide variety of posts (original, re-posts & links) that make me who I am, tugging at the intersectionalities I belong to.

My passion lies in the below topics:

  • Life
  • Its purpose
  • What it means to live a “successful” life
  • What a successful life consists of
  • The forces (influences, people, events and experiences) that create and shape us

Life’ is grand and ever changing, it never has a dull moment when reflecting back on it. Each one of us has a story to tell and I am always eagerly waiting to hear the stories of others and what makes them who they are! Those enlightening moments are what I intent to capture and share on  my blog here.

The fuel that keeps me going, is the unfortunate statistic I fall under- but refuse to be a part of. Statistically, I shouldn’t be here doing this (blog, living life to the fullest on my terms).  As an Afghan, Pashtun, Muslim woman who is a 1st generation immigrant and has witnessed the impact s of war, and is a byproduct of the American public school system and low income housing projects; I should be voiceless and your stereotypical oppressed, uneducated and powerless woman.

Instead, here I am, for you to hear me roar and  shatter all those stereotypes I am associated with.

I am; self-made, educated, leading a content life, have an opinion on current events, politics, life and just about every topic I’m asked (sometimes not). I am independent, successful and an example to some young girls in distress that share the same statistics as myself.

Getting here was not a not easy. It required great determination, discipline and a constant reminder from my parents about the purpose for which they decided leave their home country. “To live and lead a better life in the land of opportunities (United States)” and I am not going to let that go to waste.

Please remember, just like everything else in life, I, this blog, my thoughts  are a work in progress.  HAPPY READING!